Evocation of e-residency identification card

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Evocation of e-residency identification card

Postby jingles » Sat, 8th Sep, 2018 8:36 am

I have seen some questions here about what happens if your e-resident’s digital identity card is taken away from you or you cannot have it renewed. This is a warning that it can really be taken away without explaining the reason let alone given an opportunity to defend yourself. I have just learned that Estonia is not a western constitutional state, but the authorities make arbitrary decisions.

First I received an email that my e-resident’s digital identity card will be evocated in 1 months time. No explanation is given but I "may pose a threat to public order or national security". Questions should be directed to the Police and Border Guard.

Thus I requested more info and asked what should I do as I do not want to lose the card. Now I got a reply from the Estonian Police and Border Guard which also says that they do not need to give me any reasons. ”PBGB is not required to set forth justification of the decision in its decision related to refusal of issuing, suspension of validity or revocation of the e-resident’s digital identity card nor those circumstances and evidence the decision is relying on.”

So badbye Estonia. I am deeply offended by this charge of posing a threat to public order and national security and thus we will not part in friendly terms.

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