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What's the real cost of running a business in Estonia

Posted: Thu, 17th May, 2018 1:35 pm
by nebul2
Hi all,
Hope this is the right place to ask, but I'm wondering if anyone could give some real-world examples of the cost of running a business through e-residency.
I run a small one-man consulting biz with turnover from 150 to 350k€ depending on how much subcontracting I do in a year. My main costs in France are:
Accounting 3500 / yr (my accountant also provides extensive tax advice, updates to statutes, changing address, ...)
Banking 450 to 1000 / yr (I keep on changing bank but the price creeps back up within 2 years)
Various minor admin costs ~500 / yr
So that's about 5k fixed, or 2% to 5% of turnover.

Corporate tax on profits of 15% up to 38k (I never do more), otherwise ~30% beyond.
I don't believe income tax, social security or health insurance would be affected as I remain a resident of France.

Also if anyone in a similar situation has done the move to Estonia, do you advise relocating the company or closing it down and starting afresh?

Thanks for any comparisons you can give.